Work That Reconnects Praxis Group

the spiral in dandelionThe Work That Reconnects is group work, developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy and others, that helps us connect with deep wells of wisdom and resiliency as we work for justice and the healing of Earth.

Rev. Ian Mevorach, co-founder of the Spiritual Center, and Laura Hake, a biology professor at Boston College, co-lead the group.  

They have both participated in intensive trainings with Joanna Macy and have teamed up with others in the local area who have experienced the training or who are simply committed to the healing of Earth and to the growth of an ecological consciousness of interconnection with all life.

Our next meeting is Thursday, July 26th, from 7-9pm in the Meditation Room.  We generally meet on the fourth Thursday of the month. Please reach out to for more information (or if the above meeting notice is out of date).  We would love for you to participate in this work with us…even if you are new to it.  We engage in simple but profound practices and processes that move us through the spiral of Work That Reconnects, from gratitude, to honoring our pain for the world, to seeing with new eyes, and, finally, going forth.  We also share our stories and see how we can support one another in our work for the world.

Every few months there are opportunities in the greater Boston area to participate in day long experiences of the Work That Reconnects and we can point you towards those if you are interested.

The global context of the great turning

The Work That Reconnects arises in direct response to the ecological, social, and economic crises of our time.  It helps people understand and meet these challenges with clear eyes and open heart, without letting emotional  overwhelm induce psychic numbing, panic, or scapegoating.

Instead of giving sermons and pre-formulated analyses, the WTR invites us simply to look at today’s conditions and make our own choices.  Indeed we can and should choose the way we view the history unfolding  in our day.

The WTR identifies three stories or versions of reality that shape our perceptions, like a lens through which we see what’s happening.  The first is Business As Usual, where the defining assumption is that there is little need to change the way we live in accordance with corporate rule.  This is the story we hear from our political and corporate leaders and the mainstream media.

The second story, which is the view of most scientists and activists and those around the world who are most afflicted, is the Great Unraveling, and it widens perceptions toinclude the disasters that Business As Usual is bringing upon us.  It removes the blinders that obscure the collapse of ecological, social, and agricultural systems, the mass extinction of species, the accelerating disturbance of our planet’s climate.

The third story is embodied in all those who see where the first story is taking us, and who refuse to let the second story have the last word.  It is the epochal transition from an industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.  We call this story the Great Turning.

All three stories are happening now.  The WTR strengthens our choice to get behind the Great Turning, staying grounded and determined while Business As Usual plays out, and steady in the face of the Great Unraveling.