We are currently seeking volunteers for several emerging areas of ministry and programming at Common Street Spiritual Center, but also welcome folks who bring creative ideas for service projects and programs.

Nursery & Sunday School: seeking persons who want to help care for and teach children and youth on Sunday mornings or other gathering times.  A background check is required of all applicants.

Music & Worship Arts: seeking musicians, singers, dancers, dramatists, poets, prayer leaders, and others who want to be part of a team that crafts and leads creative, dynamic, relevant, and deeply spiritual experiences of God in worship.  Previous experience is great but not required!  Contact our Music and Arts Director, Carolyn Waters, at carolyn@commonstreet.org if interested.

Youth Center: seeking youth and caring adults who want to help us get a youth center started at our church, which will not be limited to our church but will include people from all faiths working together with town leaders to meet a huge gap in Natick’s offerings for youth.  We currently have no youth center in town, yet youth need safe space, empowerment, more opportunities for creativity and self expression, as well as alternative social options to house parties and other risky events.  Lots of ways to plug in here!  Contact us at youthcenter@commonstreet.org if interested.

Garden: we recently started a garden in the front of our church, mostly with perennials.  If you enjoy planting and tending for gardens this may be a great way for you to contribute.

Interior Design & Repair Work: we’ve got any number of spaces that need to be redesigned and/or re-purposed, and there are always a few repairs or bigger jobs on our list, so any help in these departments is always appreciated.  If you have a creative eye and want to help make our church more beautiful and functional we welcome your assistance!  If you know how to fix things and/or build things and want to donate some time–we’d love that!

Please contact us using the form below if you are interested in any of the above or if there are other ways you would like to volunteer!