We’re so proud of our “Unity” mural, created by Scott Pressler and installed by Carmine Saccardo. The mural is dedicated in loving memory of Anet James, and is meant to be something the whole community will enjoy. Below please find an interview of the artist by India Young, director of the Natick Center Cultural District, which provided generous funding for this piece as part of their Public Art Project.

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What inspiration led you to create the mural?The inspiration for the mural came from a love for this community and the message that Ian Mevorach was trying to put forth. It started as a conversation with Ian about his desire to make, what was then the Common Street Community Church, into a more welcoming environment for the entire community. Part of that was simply making the church building less utilitarian and more approachable. We focused on the strip of concrete facia that runs along the 3 sides of the church as a logical place to add some color and interest.

What does the mural represent?

The mural represents a common thread that winds its way from the beginning of our universe to the present. There are references to the vine in many religions. The symbolic meaning and importance vary with each one.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

For me, this message is not so much a religious doctrine but rather a call for all of us to participate as a in whole. A community is only as strong as its weakest member. We need to look beyond our own self interest and work for a greater good. A greater future. In this mural the vine represents a continuity of time and evolution that progresses from the suns rays to an organic path leading onward through eternity.

How did you create the mural?

The mural was created using Adobe Illustrator. That file was then printed on a large, high resolution printer on exterior grade materials by Carmine Saccardo of NE Neon.

Can you talk about your friendship with Anet James to whom the mural is dedicated?

Anet was a dear friend who left us much too soon. She reconnected with her partner John Mottern after many years (they both went to school together) and eventually moved from the west coast to be with John in Sherborn. She brought so much joy to my children, our friends and this community that I wanted to pay tribute in some tangible way. I know we will never forget her, and I want this mural to be a reminder of a wonderful being, and hopefully inspire others in her name.

How many mural project have you worked on?  Is this your first?

Though I’ve worked in the design field for years, this is the largest piece that I have done. I would say this is officially my first mural.

How long will the digital print last compared to other murals created with paint?

I actually think that the digital print will hold up quite well. Compared with paint, it should keep its color and vibrancy longer. Since it is mounted onto panels, replacing, changing or updating it will be easy. However, I don’t see this as a permanent installation. I hope that others will be inspired to create murals that will grace the exterior of the Spiritual Center.

What is the title of the mural?

The name of the mural is “Unity”

Can you talk about your background briefly as an artist?

I graduated from Syracuse University in 1984 with a degree in fine art. I always wanted to be an illustrator, but graphic design became my true vocation. I became interested in computer generated animation and motion design and worked in broadcast and television for many years. I currently have a company in Natick – ONE80 Visual – with my business partner, Amy Schrob where we continue to create design for multi-media applications.

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