Sunday Circles Worship

Our community gathers for inspiration, connection, and worship on Sundays at 10:30am.  We hope you’ll join us sometime soon!

We are a just-seeking community and we find strength and motivation through our spirituality.  Our Sunday Circles touch on themes of social and environmental justice, like gun violence prevention, the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, anti-racism, addiction and recovery, climate justice, and other relevant issues that impact our lives, our families, and our world.   We also share our wisdom and encourage one another to develop spiritual practices that lead to spiritual growth, expanded consciousness, acceptance, and a more loving way of life.

Join us as we sing together, pray together, share our spiritual gifts and truths, and listen for God’s transforming word as it speaks to us as a community and as individuals.  Worship is participatory at Common Street. On a typical Sunday we all sit in a circle, and have opportunities to connect with one another through dialogue, prayer, reflective ritual and practices such as passing the peace.  Our Sunday Circles are sacred times for worship and reflection rooted in a Christian faith that is open to other faiths.

On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate communion.  It is also the time when we typically welcome new members into the community, and hear how their journeys have led them to our Spiritual Center.  Many faiths are welcome at Common Street Spiritual Center, and our members each have unique faith backgrounds and beliefs that they bring forth and share.  We often welcome members and guests from various faiths to lead, teach, and guide us.  We also ground ourselves in the Earth through celebrations of the summer and winter solstices, the fall and spring equinoxes.

Click HERE to find out more about what to expect on a Sunday morning.

NEW: In February of 2017 we’re introducing a new children’s program, “Children’s Circle,” to enrich our Sunday morning experience for children and their parents or caretakers.