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Ian Mevorach

Co-Founder and Spiritual Leader
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Ian grew up on Long Island, NY, in an interfaith family (Jewish father, Catholic mother); as a child he learned the value of love and acceptance of persons of other faiths, cultures, and backgrounds.  His spiritual journey has led him into dialogue with many other faith traditions and philosophies besides Christianity, a dialogue which continues to strengthen and deepen his commitment and practice as a follower of Jesus.  Together with the whole Common Street community, Ian is seeking to discover a new model of ministry for the 21st century, which promises to be a time of great social transformation on many levels, including in regards to religion and spirituality.

Rev. Dr. Mevorach holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Middlebury College, an M.Div. from Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH), and a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics and Constructive Theology from BUSTH.  His dissertation, in the field of ecological theology and ethics, explored the role of Christian-Muslim dialogue in responding to the ecological crisis. He represents the American Baptist Churches USA on the board of Creation Justice Ministries, a national, multi-denominational environmental justice coalition; also, he is the co-founder and co-coordinator of the American Baptist Churches Creation Justice Network.  He published a book chapter titled “Stewards of Creation: A Christian Calling for Today’s Ecological Crisis” in For Such a Time as This: Young Adults on the Future of the Church (Judson Press, 2014).  He also writes blogs occasionally for the Huffington Post.  His most recent publication is a book chapter in The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Ecology (2017). Rev. Mevorach is active in the movement for peace, justice, and the integrity of creation that includes people of conscience from all cultures, nations, faiths, and generations.

Please feel free to reach out to Ian by e-mail at or by phone at 508-655-9636.  His office hours are generally on weekday mornings from 9-11, or by appointment.

Jennifer Goodman

Jennifer Goodman

Lead Teacher - Children's Circle
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Jennifer Goodman is a holistic family counselor, trusting that children have the innate wisdom to grow into their own unique blueprint of themselves, with support and orientation from the adults in their lives. She works with children, teens, and parents, and teaches parenting workshops on topics like simple discipline, soul types in family life, and meditations for understanding children more deeply. She is a trained Waldorf Collaborative Counselor, Simplicity Parenting Coach, and Social Inclusion Coach, with an M.Ed. in Counseling and a B.A. in philosophy.

Jennifer’s own spiritual path has led her to explore diverse traditions and spiritual philosophies. She practices meditation and has a special passion for Kashmir Shaivite philosophy and a fondness for the Sufi poet-saint Hafiz, among many others. She was raised in the Unitarian community, with family members fanning out into several different religions. She believes in fostering deep respect, interest, and appreciation for every person’s unique way of connecting to the divine.


Carol Knell

Center Administrator
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As the Administrator of Common Street Spiritual Center, Carol is the go to person to contact for program and event scheduling, building usage, rentals, and so forth.  She also manages our calendar, updates our website, and puts together our newsletter.  In general, her work helps our Spiritual Center to function as an organization.  Please reach out to her by email at or call 508-655-9636 if you have a question.  She’d be happy to speak with you. Her office hours are Tue, Wed, and Thu from 9-2pm.

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Carolyn Waters

Music Director
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Greetings, my name is Carolyn Waters.  Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, I grew up seated in the choir loft of a church where music played an integral part of my spiritual exploration and development.  While it wasn’t until later that I found my true voice, I spent years surrounded by powerful voices that conveyed strength, history and a sense of community and purpose.
After many years of working in the non-profit/corporate world, performing musically on the side, I decided to change direction make music my main focus. Today, as a performing singer/songwriter, a large part of my personal mission is supporting and promoting positive social change, personal growth and healing thru music and creativity.  I believe music is a powerful tool which can be utilized to nurture, bring together and build community.  It is in this spirit that I serve in my role as Music Director at Common Street Spiritual Center.
Bring your voices, your song, your instruments, your ideas and your spirit and together we will build our musical fellowship. Connect with me any time at