We believe that creativity and the arts are integral to worship and spirituality.  This page is dedicated to celebrating the poets of our community!  This is just the start but we hope that this page grows and grows as poetry becomes more a part of our worship and life together as a community.


Below are links to poems read during various worship services:

“Came Our Light”  by Molly Saccardo.

Read during our first service: Christmas Eve, 12/24/12

“The Man in the Crosswalk”  by Molly Saccardo.

Read during our Sunday morning service, 2/3/13

“Easter” by Molly Saccardo.

Read during our first Easter Sunday worship service, 3/31/13

“New Moon” by Sam Witt.

Read during Earth Day Sunday worship service, 4/21/13 (first published in the Colorado Review)