Our building is a hub for activist meetings and networking events, race dialogues, interfaith dialogues, screenings of films on themes of peace, justice, and consciousness raising.  We’re an ongoing pick up location for rainbow peace flags.  Are you an activist trying to organize?  Do you need a space to meet?  Reach out–we want to support you!  We are excited about how relationships and causes overlap in the wider movement towards a just and sustainable society.

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At Common Street we foster learning and support spaces like book clubs on spiritual activism (Sunday evenings) and our monthly Work That Reconnects meetings for social and ecological justice activists (Fourth Thursdays 7-9pm).  Our Sunday Circles (weekly at 10:30am) and other programs/gatherings often engage with themes of peace, justice, dialogue, and the healing of Earth.  Wherever you enter our community you will find us seeking to strengthen our sense of interconnection, compassion, and motivation for justice-seeking.

Moving beyond our building, our community partners with activist groups, forms coalitions, and joins movements for justice wherever possible.  We are often key players in the organization of rallies and marches on the Natick Common, and in protests and demonstrations in the Metro Boston area.  Members of our community, including Rev. Ian, have engaged in non-violent civil disobedience in the tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Dorothy Day, and others.  No matter where you are on your activist journey, we welcome and invite you to join us in seeking peace, justice, and the healing of Earth!

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