September 1 at 8:00pm — Featuring Anna, Andy & Scott Carlson, a musical Natick family, on guitar, ukulele, and vocal harmonies!

carlson family


 A love of music runs deep in the Carlson family.

Anna:    Music is something that has always been a part of my life. The emotions that music is able to channel is different than anything else. Not only do I love to listen to music but play it as well. For me to pick up an instrument or sing a song makes me truly happy. I also enjoy entertaining other people and hopefully people hearing my music can make them as happy as playing and singing music makes me.

Andy:    In the North side of Natick, born and raised in the Music Room is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’, relaxin’, all cool, while shooting the soccer ball outside the school, When me and some friends decided to play in a Band, and since then we’ve been playing all over the land.

Scott:  The story goes that when I was a baby, I was fast asleep in front of the tv, when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.  My parents swear that I immediately woke up and noisily waved my arms and legs the whole time the Beatles were on screen, and then fell right back to sleep when their spot was over.  I have truly been a music lover all my life!  I also have a long history of musical performance.  I have sung in church and school choirs ever since I can remember.  I played trumpet in various bands through junior high and high school, and sometime around tenth grade I picked up the guitar.  I have been playing that instrument (off and on) ever since.

Although Scott, Andy, and Anna have some very different tastes in music, there is also a lot upon which they can agree.  Family unity is at its peak when they can perform songs together.  They hope that you might feel as good listening to some of their favorite songs as they do performing them.

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