April 7 at 8:00pm, Featuring the Framingham High School poetry slam team!

FHS slam team

Louder Than the Calm is Framingham High School’s competitive slam poetry team for the 2016-2017 school year.  The team includes eight FHS students, one FHS graduate, and two FHS teachers.   Next weekend the team will compete in Boston at the state preliminaries of the youth poetry slam Louder Than A Bomb.

Sophie Barowsky, a senior, recently participated in the state finals for the nationwide Poetry Out Loud competition; she also has amazing curly hair.  Alex Leombruno, a senior, excels in photography, videography, softball, and yelling really loudly.  Matt Hakar, a senior, is an avid tennis player, a connoisseur of yellow fruits, and a master of rhymes.  Aira Erguiza, a junior, is an incredible painter, doodles 17 hours a day, and won’t hurt even the meanest of fleas.  Hannah Levine, a junior, is the vice president of her class and isn’t afraid of asking strangers for money, for a good cause, of course.  Lauren Walker, a junior, not only sings beautifully but also is a secret comedian.  Eliza Menzel, a sophomore, is a ukulele enthusiast and a sneakily fierce political commentator.  Michelle Moran, a sophomore, spends her free time doing theater, singing, and watching every single episode of New Girl.

Tim Bloomingdale, an LTAB assistant coach and FHS LTAB alum, writes incredibly clever poetry and often reads entire books in one sitting.  Holly Anza, an LTAB coach and FHS English teacher, is a skilled baker and frequently uses her British accent to impress people.  Aimee Lima, an LTAB coach and FHS English teacher, is a queen multitasker and cat aficionado.

The team is grateful for your support at their Old Souls performance and invites you to share your own work during the Open Mic!

The Old Souls open mic is on the first Fridays of the month at Common Street Spiritual Center, 8:00pm.  Featured performer begins, followed by the open mic.  This is a safe space to connect with other creative people. We believe that everyone is creative and every voice deserves to be heard. We foster a community that values and respects each other and is willing to engage in peaceful dialogue on what really matters to each of us. Poetry, music, comedy, dance and other art forms are all welcome.

No alcohol will be served or allowed, but we offer snacks and other beverages.

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