Old Souls Open Mic

Dear friends of the old souls open mic:

Anna Coburn and I organized the first Old Souls Open Mic two years ago on the first Friday in October to showcase poetry written by Kiana Harper and Leo Keil at a summer workshop at Common Street. It was so much fun (and we met so many awesome young poets and musicians) that we kept it going on a monthly basis.
Now it is time to draw more youth into the actual planning and implementation. We are taking a break from holding the open mic while we connect with young people who want to take part in shaping the vision of OSOM, and to invite them to make it truly their own. If you work with youth or are young(ish) (I mean you were born in the 90’s or 2000’s, this is not just “young at heart,” though we love you too), and want to help make connections, please email me at amymevorach@gmail.com. If not, you will hear from me or someone else again when we are back on a regular schedule.  If you have come to Old Souls, you know there is jaw-dropping talent, heart, and soul in the voices of our performers, and there is more to come.
This is a safe space to connect with other creative people.  We believe that everyone is creative and every voice deserves to be heard.  We foster a community that values and respects each other and is willing to engage in peaceful dialogue on what really matters to each of us.
Peace and Hope,

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