Music & Arts

Common Street Community Church enjoys a wide variety of music in worship, including Gospel, Folk, Taze Chants, Hymns, and more.  Our music program is led by our Music Director, Carolyn Waters.  She aims to encourage membership participation in worship, and to lead us into musical experiences that deepen our state of worship, reflection, prayer and praise. Members of the congregation often play solos or lead sing-alongs in worship.  Expect to be invited to clap your hands and sing along during worship.

Every Sunday our praise team leads the congregation in singing.  Occasionally, our children’s choir also performs during worship or at community events.

As our church grows and develops we are looking forward to the continued growth of our music program and music offerings.

We’ve already had a few concerts at our church and hope that we will have many more in the months to come.  We believe that creativity and the arts are integral to our faith!