We are an inclusive, love-centered community,

rooted in a Christian faith that is open to all faiths.


We seek to connect to our inner spiritual centers and support one another

in manifesting what flows out of those centers.


Together we celebrate life through creativity and the arts

and work for peace, justice and the healing of Earth.



Growing the dream of God, which is planted within us.


Possible Revisions (11/27/17): Rev. Dr. Ian Mevorach has been working on a revised version of our mission and vision, which can be found here.  It is somewhat different and he invites your feedback!  It is something members of our community are discussing and will meet to talk about in 2018.  Please email ian@commonstreet.org or call 508-655-9636 to offer feedback and to be part of the conversation

An Invitation to our Beloved Community

The community we are seeking to build at Common Street is a Love-centered community, what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as “The Beloved Community.”  We are a community of many cultures, generations, and beliefs, finding common ground in Love.  Love is the fluid center of our community out of which flow various expressions of spirituality, service, and community-building: together we worship, feed the homeless, support youth, plant gardens, explore the Spirit in nature, engage in justice activism, celebrate life through the arts, pray, meditate, study, share food and fellowship. In these and other ways we put Divine Love into action for the transformation and healing of ourselves and the world.

We are an open community with a permeable membrane, willing to be shaped and changed by the unique gifts, experiences, and perspectives that each member brings.  Howard Thurman, civil rights leader and mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond…”  We invite you to join us and find your unique place in our emerging vision of Beloved Community at Common Street Spiritual Center