Mission and Values

Mission and Vision

We are an inclusive and love-centered community. We value many spiritual paths.  We welcome and embrace people of all beliefs and cultures.

We envision a life-sustaining society and cultivate activities that bring peace, justice, and healing to the earth. We find meaning and a sense of community through ritual, dialogue, food, and the arts.

We seek to know and expand our personal spiritual centers through study, practice, and contemplation. We actively support one another by demonstrating love, truth, creativity, and inspiration which flow from our innermost centers.

(The above version of our Mission and Vision was established by a unanimous vote at the Annual Gathering of our community on February 25, 2018.)


  • Freedom—we are a non-creedal community of faith where each person is free to discern and express what he or she believes.
  • Acceptance—in our community you will find unconditional acceptance and love.
  • Creativity—we see creativity and the arts as integral to faith and spirituality.
  • Family—children, parents, and caregivers are supported in this community.
  • Peace & Justice—we lament violence and injustice, and seek to repair our world.
  • Hospitality—our facility is common ground, open to the community.
  • Community—we seek to build community across cultures, generations and beliefs.
  • Balance—we try to attune ours lives with the harmony and rhythm we find in nature.
  • Love—we aspire to love one another unconditionally and to grow in love for God, self, neighbor, and all life.

An Invitation 

The community we are seeking to build at Common Street is a love-centered, what Martin Luther King Jr. referred to as “The Beloved Community.”  We are a community of many cultures, generations, and beliefs, finding common ground in love.  Love is the fluid center of our community out of which flows various expressions of spirituality, service, activism, and community-building.

We are an open community with a permeable membrane, willing to be shaped and changed by the unique gifts, experiences, and perspectives that each member brings.  Howard Thurman, civil rights leader and mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond…”  We invite you to join us and find your unique place in our inclusive and love-centered community at Common Street Spiritual Center.