Welcoming new members

We Are In The Process of Growing Our Community

We are in the process of growing our community and seeking to welcome new members who: 

(1) identify with our mission,

(2) participate in the life of our community,

(3) contribute time and resources to support our mission,

(4) live out our values within and beyond our community.

If you are interested in finding out more about membership, please contact us to let us know and we will follow up and invite you into our membership process: or 508-655-9636.


Membership process

One or twice a year we welcome new members during a special Sunday Circle service dedicated to that purpose. Prior to the welcome service we have an informational meeting or two where we open up safe space for folks to explore their interest in joining, discern if this is the right time for them to join, and also do some soul-searching about what deep needs they are seeking to meet in joining.  At these informational sessions there is a dialogue between current and new members, where current members answer questions transparently and also listen carefully to the needs and hopes of new members as who they are will impact the shape of our community.

Members of Common Street Spiritual Center do not need to subscribe to a creed or a particular denominational label.  We covenant to love and accept one another just as we are, and to be in community together in life giving ways.

QUESTIONS?  Please feel free to contact Rev. Ian Mevorach at or 508-655-9636.

community drumming picture