An Invitation


A Word of Welcome From our Minister

“Welcome.  I’m glad that you are taking the time to check out our website and explore our community.  We hope to meet you in person sometime soon.  Below please find an outline of our Sunday Circle–may it inspire to come join in and participate!”

–Rev. Dr. Ian Mevorach










Gathering Song

Centering Moment


Normally we read a passage or two from the Bible or another sacred text, or a poem, or a writing from someone like Martin Luther King, Jr.  


Throughout our services we sing songs of response, praise, prayer, and inspiration. Music we sing includes classic and contemporary hymns, folk music, spiritual songs of various cultures and genres, chants, gospel, and really anything we find meaningful and expressive.  We often invite guest musicians who perform in a broad range of styles.


Often our minister,  a guest preacher, or a member of the community will preach or share insights from their spiritual journey. Our minister preaches in a conversational style that is truthful, liberating, pastoral, and open to the leading of God’s Spirit; he aims to inspire rather than to persuade.  Sermon samples may be found here:

Sharing the Wisdom of the Community

Our services include a component “sharing the wisdom of the community” where members of the congregation share insights or questions they may have.  

Meditation and Ritual

Sometimes our Sunday Circles do not have sermons, but instead have extended periods of meditation or another spiritual practice or go more in depth into the sharing of meaningful stories and experiences from members of our community. Also, we often interweave rituals, reflections, and periods of silence into our services so that we can connect more deeply with the Presence of the Spirit within and among us.


Towards the end of our services, we have a time where we pray together:

For Prayers of Celebration we pray: Loving God, we give you praise!

For Prayers of Concern we pray: Loving God, hear our prayer.

For Prayers of Insight we pray: Loving God, Increase our wisdom.

For Prayers of Hopes and Dreams we pray: Loving God, may your will be done.

After each prayer response, we ring the singing bowl to focus our attention and prayer energy.

Common Purse Offering

Half of our morning offering goes into our Common Purse, a fund for members and friends of our community who are in need.

Closing Our Circle

While we sing the “Amen” we gently hold hands.  We then receive a closing blessing, or a sending song, and give each other a greeting of peace (a handshake or hug) as we end the service.

Children Are Welcome!

Children are welcome to participate in our Sunday Circles; we believe children can benefit a great deal from such participation. Also, beginning on February 5th, 2017, we’re launching a “Children’s Circle” that will run simultaneously to the Sunday Circle…in an effort to provide a community within our Spiritual Center in which our children experience a sense of belonging.

You are very welcome here, and we hope that this general outline and description of a service helps you to feel more comfortable joining us for a Sunday Circle sometime soon!