Earth Community


Earth is in crisis due to human abuse of Her life-systems, and people are coming together all over the world to repair our relationships with each other and Earth. This movement is sometimes called  the Great Turning towards a Life-Sustaining Society. The Christian movement has an important role to play in the transformation of consciousness and culture that is part and parcel of the Great Turning. Our Earth Community Ministry is meant to nurture an Earth-Consciousness of Interconnection and Interdependence with life around us, as well with past and future generations. It is an experimental ministry that explores the creative edges of Christian faith and spirituality as it cross-pollinates and itself is transformed in conversation with indigenous traditions and insights from other faiths, science, and nature spirituality in its diverse forms.

Work That Reconnects Praxis Group to Form
The Work That Reconnects is group work that helps us connect with deep wells of wisdom and resiliency as we work for justice and the healing of Earth. We are planning to start a monthly weekday evening gathering, beginning on Thurs Feb 11th 2016 from 7:00-9pm. Please contact our Minister for Earth Community, Kristina Keefe-Perry, at for more info.