Big Heart Little Feet

Big Heart Little Feet was created to get people “fired up” about their local environment: helping neighbors, giving back to the community, and protecting the commons.

We clean-up roadways, waterways, woodlands, and trails. We rake leaves for people who are having trouble clearing their yards. We shovel out seniors and poor people when there are blizzards. We flag and shovel snow drifts from hydrants so neighborhoods are safe from fire. We provide bags and signage to encourage dog owners/walkers to pick up after their dogs. We improve and promote our local trails. We also encourage people to back off single-use plastics (bags, water bottles, coffee cups), and embrace reusable/refillable bags and containers instead.

We initiate several projects that people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join at their own level of commitment. Many folks are struggling just to make ends meet, to feed and educate their kids, to stay in their homes and apartments. They often don’t have time for our “clean-ups.” But we offer them the option to get involved in whatever way makes sense to them, with nothing but unconditional positive regard extended for everyone.

If you have ideas for environmental service projects, or would like to get involved, please contact Pat Conaway at

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