Common Street Spiritual Center is a pluralistic (multi-faith and ecumenical) congregation affiliated with the American Baptist Churches in the USA and other organizations, coalitions, and associations, listed below.  We are a community organization that often operates in partnership with or in support of other groups, causes, programs, etc.

The Peace Abbey Foundation –  An organization promoting peace and nonviolence through demonstrations, art installations, interfaith events, and memorials such as the Peace Memorial at 12 North Main Street in Sherborn, MA.

Natick Center Associates – Local business and non-profit association for the common good of Natick Center.

Natick Together for Youth – Substance misuse prevention coalition including many individuals and organizations in Natick.

MA Interfaith Power and Light – Statewide association of churches, synagogues, mosques and other faith communities seeking to live out an environmental stewardship ethic.

The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts – The statewide unit of the American Baptist Churches in the USA, with which we cooperate and receive support from, though our church is autonomous and self-governed by our members.

The Massachusetts Council of Churches – A statewide ecumenical organization including 18 Protestant and Orthodox denominations, working together seeking Christian unity and justice in MA and beyond.

Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries – An organization committed to weaving God’s love across cultures.

Andover Newton Theological School – A local seminary for which our congregation serves as a field education site (a teaching parish).