Annual Appeal Letter 2017

Dear Friends and Members of CSSC,                                                                  12/12/17

We invite you to join our community in a spirit of gratitude.  In 2017 we continued to grow into a loving, caring, inclusive community that brings the transforming power of love into our world.  In a year that has challenged all of us who hunger for justice, our community is nurturing visions of a life-sustaining society and supporting them to grow.

Our community did good work in 2017, for which we give thanks. This includes:

*distribute thousands of rainbow peace flags

*host activist meetings     *co-organize rallies and marches

*foster racial justice dialogues and interfaith fellowship

*support local artists and host music/arts events

*tend to those in need in personal and meaningful ways

*reconnect with the Earth     *pray, study, meditate

*share in fellowship around food     *grieve losses and celebrate the joys of life

In these ways, and others, we are striving “to keep alive the dream of the heart.” We are also building a sense of community with one another that touches our lives.

The Story of “Once in a Blue Moon”

One 2017 highlight of our common life at CSSC is “Once in a Blue Moon”— a musical that was written and directed by Pamela Powers, one of our newer members.

I met Pamela on October 26th, 2016—she had recently completed the script of “Once in a Blue Moon,” after working on it for years.  Amazingly, on October 27th, 2017, the musical debuted on our sanctuary stage!  A remarkable cast of children and teens brought its message of interconnection, joy, and the power of love alive; also, Pamela’s husband Theodore Powers led a terrific band.

Carolyn Waters, CSSC’s Music and Arts Director, provided crucial support in planning, rehearsal, and production, and many of Pamela’s friends and fellow CSSC members supported the effort.  The musical was like a dream born in Pamela’s heart that our community served as midwife to.

In Pamela’s words:

“I knew it was a sweet story and that it should be told, but without CSSC, I don’t think it would have made it to the stage in its pure form.  With so much support from our community, I was able to be true to my vision and not have the material altered. 

What was amazing to me was seeing the children being changed by the material right in front of my eyes.  They were from different towns, schools and a variety of ages, but they all became very connected and showed more and more love for each other as the process went on.  It was an amazing experience for me on many levels.”

Plans for 2018

We have ambitious plans for 2018, with intentions to open our doors more fully, both to let people in and also to expand our mission beyond our doors.  We plan to renovate our sanctuary, create a chapel on the 3rd floor, and expand the depth and breadth of our programming.

We re-launched our Children’s Circle in 2017, and look forward to seeing it grow.

A few of us in the CSSC orbit are working to organize a 2018 “Natick Renewable Energy Leadership Campaign,” an effort to form a coalition of groups, organizations, and individuals to advance a bold vision of Natick powered by 100% renewable energy.  We envision getting energy to power our homes, businesses and schools from renewable sources rather than fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.

There is more to celebrate in 2017 and look forward to in 2018 than we can name!

Our Giving Request

For all of what we hope to accomplish in the year ahead, we humbly request your financial support.  If you are inspired by what we do, especially if you are part of our community, please consider signing up today for our online giving program.  Maybe sign up to give $25, $50, $100, or $200 a month?  Or, please make a one-time gift at  Each gift empowers us to do the work of Love.


With Gratitude and Hope,  Ian          –         On behalf of the CSSC Council and Staff
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