The Call to Community – Fall 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As I was planting blueberry bushes in our front lawn this summer, my neighbor taught me a rhyme about a common three year cycle of plant growth: sleep, creep, leap. In year one the plant sleeps, not growing much. In year two it begins to creep, growing slowly. Then in the third year it leaps, growing quickly.  What we don’t see is that in years one and two the plant is growing more in its roots than in its branches; and then when the roots are strong, we suddenly see the plant put forth vigorous, visible growth.

While on the one hand it always seems like there is a lot going on at our Spiritual Center–and there is–on a deeper level I believe that we have been slowly developing our sense of community and mission, much like the underground growth of a newly planted tree.

This summer marked three years since Amy and I began the work of planting Common Street Spiritual Center. Through these years we’ve become more invested and deeply rooted in our shared work and vision, and we are encouraged that others in the community are creatively weaving their dreams and callings together with ours into a collective vision that is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we are creating a strong root system for the flourishing of the Spirit’s work in and through our Spiritual Center.

And as part of this ongoing rooting process, this fall we are reaching out to everyone in our community to join us for an All-In CommunityGathering on Sunday, September 27th from 10:30-12:30pm (which will include a light lunch). At this gathering we’ll be engaging in conversations (using the method of non-violent communication) that will support a deep exploration of what we need and long for in thiscommunity. It will be like exploring where our roots want to grow. If we can gain clarity about where we want to grow our roots, so to speak, we can do that together in ways that feed us personally and bring increased vitality to our common life.

In 2015, what I’ve noticed is that we’ve reached a new depth ofcommunity among our members…and there is more of a sense of common ground and trust than ever before.  The quality of our prayers together has deepened in spiritual presence; our sharing in each other’s dreams and journeys is more vulnerable and open. And I want to give thanks that our board and other members are more active, committed and effective than ever before!

So please join us for our All-InCommunity Gathering on Sept 27th at 10:30am and be part of our process of growing roots to meet our needs and fulfill our shared vision.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Ian